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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tips for a home office

Tips for a home office

Choose your office space to install in places that do not interfere with normal movement of the home or with the usual arrangement of furniture. The most recommended are the corners, under the stairs, a dining area and even a section of a room that can be harnessed for everyday.

A very important point to consider is lighting. This is a decisive factor in the design of our office. Your desk should be located near the power supply. Otherwise you have trouble installing the computer, printer or any other appliance you want to use. Also make sure you have the appropriate lights Note that the monitor should not reflect nearby windows or light sources, because seriously affect vision. Place it under a window, because the contrast with the light entering your eyes quickly exhausted. It is best to provide indirect light and a lamp for task lighting.

Ideally, the doors have chosen space allows you to literally "lock" your office when your job ends. Sometimes the "presence" constant in-house becomes overwhelming.

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