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Monday, April 19, 2010

Tropical decor ideas

Tropical decor ideas

Characterized for warmth and comfort it provides, this decorative style is composed of natural and exotic detail, from the hand of beautiful and attractive colors.

When getting an excellent tropical decor in our home, we must keep in mind we give you three tips below:

basis is important to use warm neutral tones, among which we highlight the presence of pale yellow, soft gold color, beige and ivory. On this basis, very characteristic color contrast through decorative details, such as green, red and brown.

naturalness is essential in this type of decoration. Rattan furniture, wicker and wood such as teak, mahogany and ebony are the ideal choice, since they are natural materials transferred to our decoration through couches, cabinets, chairs, tables and any other decorative element.

Decorative Accessories:

details and decorative elements are essential in this type of decoration and in charge of unifying, making this style we are looking for. Among the most widely used wicker vases we can highlight, tropical flowers, seashells, paintings with tropical images, palm and jute rugs.

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