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Monday, April 19, 2010

Small Bathrooms designed by Toto

Small Bathrooms designed by Toto

Our dream is to have a spectacular bathroom, spacious and elegant where you can give us a bath. Generally our bathrooms are usually smaller and that makes it a real challenge having to decorate. This time we present the design of Toto, a Japanese company that is dedicated to creating designs for the bathroom.
What more do we want in our bathroom is to try to give the feeling of space. For that we can replace the bathtub with a shower or add a large mirror on the wall. Properly decorate our bathroom will become a more enjoyable for the whole family.
TOTO creations allow us to create a small bathroom with everything we need. The collection demonstrates how small changes in a confined space can generate significant changes. The color of the walls, mirrors, benches, shower position ... His designs are really modern and they are putting technology to our advantage.

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