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Monday, April 19, 2010

Style Feng Shui in the bedroom

Style Feng Shui in the bedroom

The philosophy of Feng Shui your home full of harmony. The literal translation of these words means' wind and water. " This ancient Chinese science, focusing on the study of power lines, is in short a tool to know that energy is in a certain space, and manage this energy for the benefit of people living or working in that space.
To get a good Feng Shui in our bedroom, we cherish the balance, harmony and proportion just because the measure is a good way to relax.

The bed is the piece of furniture that should govern the bedroom. Everything has to be arranged around it, keeping the proportions and distances fair. First, when guiding the headboard should be borne in mind that what we see from the bed will always be the last and the first thing we hold in our retina. The more chaotic the image is of lower quality will be our rest. The more harmonious is that perception, we offer more placid.

No windows or doors

For this reason, the bed should not lead to a bathroom or a hallway open. If possible, it is desirable that is not located in the face of a door. If unavoidable, one can always use curtains or screens to make a separate and isolate the bed of the aisle. Nor is it advisable to place the bed under a window, this will transmit feelings of helplessness

The cardinal points
All geographical directions are favorable if treated the whole bedroom. Still, each provision has its own meaning:
A south facing bed strengthens intuition and stimulates dreams and retention capacity.
A north-facing bed promotes health and vital energy.
A bed facing east leads to dynamism and zest for life.
A bed facing west is a good mechanism against stress and agitation.

Good and bad company

To preserve the privacy and tranquility, the bedroom should never hold cabinets that disturb your sleep. Located next to the bed a desk, a personal computer or a bank of gymnastics is a way to encourage the nervousness and restlessness. The computer and the desktop will remind us what we have to do in our daily work. Gymnastics bank will, in turn, an uncomfortable reminder of the exercise we have not done.
The sofas, couches and reading chairs are compatible with our bed, all of which affect the same ideas: the comfort and relaxation.

As for the sheets and quilt, stripes, for example, are a destabilizing element and prints either strong or overly aggressive in the bedroom can provide the warmth needed to feel properly clothed. Bedding should be warm colors and preferably flat. Smooth and soft tones lodge to us through our visual perception.

Bedroom for two

Sleeping in a bed but separate mattresses is not a good measure. The separation of mattresses may end up becoming something symbolic, as it introduces a physical element of disunity. You should not overlook the differences that, unconsciously, you set in your bedroom. It is necessary to ensure that there are bedside tables and lamps identical on both sides of the bed.

In addition, you must ensure that the space between the tables and the bed is equal on both ends. Equality, share, equity and symmetry. The rules for a couple to work are the same must comply with the decor of your bedroom.

Mirrors, televisions and plants
In the bedroom we should not put mirrors in sight. First, the mirrors stimulate our senses and therefore difficult to promote sleep and insomnia. Also, in Feng Shui it is considered that the mirror can represent the intrusion of a third person who acts as voyeur irrelevant in the lives of the couple.
As for television, have one of these machines compared to bed is undoubtedly one of the most detrimental to the Feng Shui in our bedroom. The speed of the images and alter the rest is also a dangerous substitute for reflection or intimate partner to whom they should invite the moments before sleep.
With regard to plants, according to Feng Shui essential elsewhere in our house, are introducing an element of discord and some excess energy to our bedroom.

Sorted Cabinets

The sense of disorder is very destabilizing, especially if we consider that we have to open the closet every morning before going out. The image projected onto those boxes our personality is hostile and ultimately affect our self esteem.

Not only do we have to order the cabinets as much as possible but it is advisable to ignore what is not going to use. Feng Shui believes in balance, so you eliminate what does not interest us will create space for something comes into our lives that we do is useful.

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