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Friday, April 23, 2010

Tips for Opening a home office

Tips for Opening a home office

If you wish to have your home office, here are some tips that are very useful.


The first thing you should consider before designing your home office is the space you have. Choose a section of the movement and believes that a home does not have the same dimensions as an office, so it is best to organize your space with multifunctional furniture to help you save space and can be folded or easily disappear from view

You should also be clear about what activities are going to make before deciding how and where they will ride home office, office or study. If you have enough meter at home, choose a spacious, bright and quiet. In the event that your work involves dealing directly with customers, choose the location closest to the entrance gate to ensure privacy from the rest of your house

Discrete location

But if your work does not require direct contact with your customers and you will not receive visitors, you can choose any room. And if you do not have much space, you need not occupy the entire fourth means any gap in the home can become a makeshift work area. For example, you can use a locker to place a small table and shelves, and just close the doors to the office you'll disappear.


A good option to save your furniture and computer paper


If you have already chosen location, decorate your office with colors that you are comfortable and feel more motivated when working. The tones used are creams and any light colored or neutral, although there are shades to suit all tastes. The blue and green, for example, create relaxed environments that help and encourage a broad intellectual performance. But what matters is not to choose colors that come to distract you.

Order & Lighting

When decorating, try not to overload your office with objects that may distract you. The best thing is to have a clear table, utensils and well-ordered work at hand, and light. Yes, the lighting should not be above the head but to your left (or right if you're left handed), so it is better to opt for a reading lamp.


Do not skimp money in a good chair because sitting on it spend most of your working time and best if it is ergonomic. Place it against the table and adjust the height so that your knees and your arms are at an angle of 90 degrees. Also note that the recommended distance between the eyes and the computer screen is between 46 and 56 centimeters, and the top of your screen should be aligned with the eyebrows.


And when choosing table decántate by a large, comfortable and with drawers or storage space for your papers and stationery. There is plenty of choice: glass tables, wood, or desktops that are already prepared to work comfortably with your computer. Just a good look at the space you make accounts prior to yours.


Kadloo office desk is a complete super Habitat. In addition to a very elegant design and fits in any room, has many drawers and storage space and office papal.


It is very desirable to have a cork board to have on hand ideas, tasks or images that encourage your creativity. The rest of the decor should be simple so that your workspace does not look messy, but there are some vital elements: lights or hoses, paper, pens and even a small plant that brings a green touch to your desk and an air atmosphere.


There is nothing more unsightly wires to see your computer and the rest of your electrical appliances on the floor. When you organize your home office attempts to conceal them with strips, and to protect them and get your cleaning much easier.


In addition to the boxes you have on the table, sure you need some more room to save your work materials, papers and books. Use shelves and if you have space, use shelves with enclosed spaces (folders and storage boxes) and open (for books or accessories). If all your books are visible, arrange them by color to achieve a balanced visual effect and more beautiful


If you have no choice but to share your work space and dedicate it to other functions, for example if you have it in a corner of the room, try to delimit it as much as possible. Look away from the rest of the room with a bookshelf, bottomless, a screen or cabinet with shelves and force a drawer that you also serve to store

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