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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Underground housing

Underground housing

Yes, although it does not seem that image shows the facade of a house, with the difference that this far from the traditional housing design is underground. No doubt by a very courageous group of architects Makearchitects signature that all the modern technology applied to the construction of this home friendly environment.

Who look down from heaven will appreciate the shape of a flower, but who look from a hill or from the field itself, just will not realize that there's a house, but perhaps most surprising is to see it from the sky during the night, which looks like a beacon guiding the aircraft.

This being the first house that aims to be carbon neutral in Britain, has advanced technology that allows through solar panels and wind turbines, to be efficient, without additional energy consumption, besides which will be own waste, so they also generate energy through the area.

Without doubt, this is an example of what should apply, as they could in most of the world, but of course today is reduced to a select group of wealthy who favor Care environment.

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