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Friday, January 28, 2011

Types of wood

Types of wood

Solid wood furniture (style chairs, wooden tables ...) we like to all, whether modern and groundbreaking design, whether it be old objects with the patina of time. But a timber is the same as another, and that we all agree. The furniture has always been made with so-called wood.

Within these woods can find species such as walnut (the floor of this photograph), mahogany, rosewood or ebony, among others. Are characterized by deep, rich colors, the variety of its grain, its hardness and its resistance to attack by worms and the passage of time.

The walnut wood is the quintessential Spanish, and indeed there is a variety called "Spanish walnut. " Walnut furniture are usually dark tones, but you can also find beautifully golden streaks. The walnut floors offer an incredible presence in the interiors.

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