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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rustic wreath

Rustic wreath

If there is something that people enjoy Christmas, it's all run in which one must build the tree, decorating the house, Christmas shopping, among others. And it's all part of that magic that still lives regardless of age or to enjoy the kids.

That's why on this occasion we will show how to build a rustic Christmas wreath for your door, since this is the letter of the rest of the home.

For this first design, the base will be one or two tree branches are still green, so they can flex. Must be secured with wire in case of two. Having already cast, one is adding more branches to the crown to generate the same size, in response to grip with wire so it does not come off.

Taking as the basic structure, you should manage to achieve different flowers or leaves to decorate the crown. It may choose to stick to the holes in the crown, no glue, or use tape.

As a final step we will draw on a piece of aluminum, then trim, a beautiful pigeons, which were carefully can make eyes, mouth and feathers with the same pen but without squeezing too hard.

Finally, the crown placed on the tape and the work will be completed.

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