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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Striped wallpapers

Striped wallpapers

The trend of dressing the walls with wallpaper, has ceased to be a risky choice to become commonplace in homes today. That is why we from time to time with new ideas and fashions when it comes to this versatile decorative appeal relates.

This 2011 fashion wallpapers pointing striped designs in various combinations, but with a marked preference for intense tones (allowed only in areas of certain features).
Vertical stripes give a sense of altitude, so it is advised especially in environments with low ceilings, but keep in mind that even if abused it in bright colors visually reduce the space, so if this is an environment few meters of reserves that brightly colored paper to one wall.

Into dormitories.

If we talk about the ultimate resting place, then you'd better opt for light colors in the case of a child's bedroom or baby. In this way you will create a welcoming, restful, an essential feature of the small rooms of the house.

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