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Sunday, February 6, 2011

how to decorate the bedroom

how to decorate the bedroom

When making the bed, make sure the sheet is quite tight, completely free of folds or wrinkles. If you have a pillow, try adding some more with shams and see how they look. It's much more interesting if they are of various sizes and shapes. Try to match colors, and do not forget that the contrast between them works very well. If your bed does not have a header, place them vertically against the wall. If the color scheme you do not like, do not turn to white, try using pastel colors.

To give your bed a little heat, put a small pad or blanket. Place your mat in a different way every day, you can use several blankets with different reasons for creating a wave of color with the combination you like, but try not to add small canvases that will surely fall out of bed when you

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