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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cabinet with drawers

Cabinet with drawers


Why the drawers of our house have to be boring?.

The boxes are one of the furniture which typically pay less attention to them when choosing them, especially because most are usually the same in his furniture design ... high, narrow, square, flat base with drawers stacked.

Luckily there is a furniture designer who has focused on this particular piece and decided to create a chest of drawers and beautiful design, I would say, with a touch of fun.

This pedestal-shaped woman's dress on a hanger has been designed by Judson Beaumont, an artist living in Vancouver. A filing cabinet has been called "Little black dresser."


On the outside is black and has a small rounded handles and inside each drawer is lined with black velvet.

Outrageous, fun and original "you may ask for more? ... Yes, most designers are encouraged to see that drawers and create new designs that depart from the model" normal "classic dresser.



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